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Favreau Law firm is an international law firm focusing on Immigration and visa applications. The firm understands that the world is getting smaller and that facilitating international mobility is now a main focus of the individuals and the big companies in the world.

The founder and owner Antonin Favreau has lived in Canada, China and Ecuador.  Therefore, he has helped people from all over the world to immigrate or to get a visa.

If you intend to live in Canada, in U.S.A. or anywhere in the world, whether you are a worker, a student, an entrepreneur, a manager or an investor, we will be more than happy to help you.

Immigration to Canada and to USA is getting more and more complicated and this is why the help from Immigration lawyers is now very important.  A visa for Canada or a visa for USA is not only a way to enter a country but it can be the start of a better life as an immigrant.  If you wonder how to immigrate to Canada, this is the right place for you.  If you wonder how to immigrate to USA, it is also the right place for you.

If you have any questions about Canada Immigration, Employment base USA visa( eb-1 to eb-5) or any type of visa ( student, TRV, Quebec entrepreneur, Quebec Investor, Skilled worker, Quebec Skilled worker, Canadian experience program), we will be please to help you.

We deliver Canadian immigration services and USA Immigration services at the fair price.  Immigrating to Canada or Immigrating to USA is our focus and we are immigration expert.  Citizenship and Immigration Canada and United states citizenship and immigration services will no longer be a mystery for you after talking with our immigration attorney.

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How to immigrate to Canada

Immigration in Canada is part of the history and we are proud to help you and introduce you to different immigration programs.

The Canadian government grants permanent residence visas to members of the Family Class and the Economic Class. The Economic Class primarily comprises of professionals and skilled workers under the skilled worker class, the Quebec skilled worker class and the provincial nominee class as well as business immigrants.  Successful immigration to Canada with experienced immigration lawyers is our goal.

Using a point system, an applicant is assessed under the federal skilled worker class according to various factors that will indicate whether there is a strong likelihood that the applicant and dependents will successfully establish in Canada. Ideal applicants under the skilled worker class will possess employment skills and experience compatible with occupations “open” to prospective immigrants to Canada. The selection rules particularly favor applicants with government approved job offers in Canada.

Under the Quebec skilled worker class and the provincial nominee class, applicants may become permanent residents on the basis of their proven ability to become economically established in Canada, in accordance with immigration programs and selection criteria administered by Quebec or the provinces.

Canada also admits immigrants under the Business Immigration program which comprises three sub-categories including Investors, Entrepreneurs and the Self-Employed.

The Investor class is point based and confers permanent residence upon applicants who demonstrate an ability to become economically established in Canada on the basis of their business or management experience and personal net worth of at least $1,600,000. Approval is contingent upon the investor undertaking to commit an irrevocable, passive, non-interest bearing five-year investment of $800,000 in a government guaranteed investment fund. Under applicable programs, applicants can obtain financing and receive legal security on their investment. The Canadian government has placed a temporary hold on applications in this class.

The Entrepreneur class is point based and confers permanent residence upon applicants who demonstrate an ability to become economically established in Canada on the basis of their business experience and high personal net worth. Approval is contingent upon the entrepreneur undertaking to invest and become involved in the active management of a qualifying business operated in Canada that will contribute to the economy and create employment. The Canadian government has placed a temporary hold on applications in this class.

The Self Employed class is also point based and refers to applicants who have relevant experience as well as the intention and the ability to create their own employment and make a significant contribution to the cultural, artistic or athletic life of Canada, or to create their own employment by purchasing and managing a farm in Canada.

The Quebec government manages its own immigration programs providing for skilled worker and business class selection rules.

Under the federal family class, current sponsorship programs typically promote the reunion in Canada of Canadian citizens and permanent residents with their close relatives including a spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner 16 years of age or older, an unmarried dependent child under the age of 22, a parent or grandparent, and a brother, sister, nephew, niece, grandchild who is an orphan, unmarried and under 18 years of age or any other relative where the sponsor has none of the above relatives or family members, in Canada or abroad. There is a temporary pause on the sponsorship of parents and grandparents for permanent residents. Instead, eligible candidates can apply for the long term visitor Parents and Grandparents Super Visa.



EB-5 Program and USA Immigration

The EB5 Investment Visa for US Green Cards (Permanent Residence) by immigrant investment into the most popular Government approved EB5 Regional Center

You and your immediate family can now obtain green cards and permanent US residency with an EB5 visa by investing $500,000 into a US Government designated Regional Center. It will give each of you the security of permanent US residency without repeated visa applications. Citizenship may be obtained after five years.

Green Card. The attraction of a green card via an EB-5 investment visa USA is that it can be secured before you commit to emigrating. You will also have flexibility to take any job, run any business, retire and live anywhere in the USA. As a resident you will have access to many of the benefits enjoyed by US citizens such as education and, in certain states such as Florida, you will enjoy substantial savings in property tax.

Permanent Residence. For most, immigrating to the USA is about a better quality of life. Permanent residency avoids repeated visa applications and allows you the opportunity of dual citizenship. The EB-5 visa will secure you Permanent Residency.



Antonin Favreau obtained his law degree from the University of Quebec in Montreal in 2005. He is a member in good standing of the Quebec Bar in Canada and of the Illinois Bar in U.S.A.

Mr.Favreau started his career in the Quebec Government in 2006 for the Tax bureau of Quebec (Revenu Quebec)

Mr.Favreau then joined a leading immigration law firm in 2007 as an associate, developing his expertise in Immigration Law, more particularly in the Business Class category. Mr.Favreau quickly became, in 2008, partner of the firm.

In 2011, Mr. Favreau started his own law firm and he has traveled extensively throughout China, providing counsel to Immigration Professionals to improve their processing skills with Quebec and Federal authorities. He has successfully advised and represented thousands of business immigration applicants with their file preparation or assistance to interview with Quebec government officials.

Mr. Favreau as Canadian and American immigration lawyer is member of the AILA, AQAADI, ISBA AND AHQ.

Mr. Favreau is fluent in English, French and Spanish and has some basic knowledge of Mandarin.

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